Who am I?


I like rolling down the slopes,
jumping steps of the cascades
and, taking impulse in river rapids,
to dive in chasm of waterfalls.

I’m the cold dew of the morning,
crystalline drop on a flower
full of beauty and talisman
intended to your dreamed love.

Mist steaming up your window,
rainbow for the hummingbird,
if the sun rises watercolor,
I shake your inner tenderness.

I’m the start, middle and coming,
I’m a lake, river or sea,
I’m mirror given to reflect
the whole charm that moonlight be.

I’m the steam of cloud and snow,
the slipping mountain avalanche,
even ice in juice you drink,
like in whisky that excites you.

I’m your leisure and your sadness,
I’m a tear that wets your face,
if you lose supposed love,
I deeply regret your heartbreak.

I’m the force that swings the caravel,
the light sparing candlelight;
I’m drizzle and I’m also storm,
if tsunami, bye pretty town!

A hidden pearl on further planets
the scientists seek finding me,
but I look like butterflies
which don’t fly anywhere trough.

I’m part of you, I’m your life,
without me you will die soon;
I clean all you out and inside,
I wash and carry your excrements.

You come cruel and negligent
when you get my mantle off;
just desert on lacking me,
that’s what seems the likely thing.

If no care I sure will flee,
secretly I will get away.
Where to? You ask. I neither know.
Maybe I‘ll grow another sea.


direitos autorais de demasilva